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Medie 14.03 €
Medie 8.5 €


Antipasti - Vorspeisen
Antipasti - Vorspeisen
Medie 5.36 €

Tortellini al Forno

Pasta al Forno
Pasta al Forno
Medie 7.12 €
Medie 239.95 €

Pizza Greek

Pizza klein Ø 26cm
Pizza klein Ø 26cm
Medie 7.35 €

Summer Roll

Nicht kategorisiert
Nicht kategorisiert
Medie 3098.07 €

Pizza Bianco

Nicht kategorisiert
Nicht kategorisiert
Medie 6.76 €

Cel mai bun preț

Aici găsești cel mai bun preț la care poți servi masa, meniuri din orașul tău.


Descoperi noi restaurante cu meniuri detailate în zona ta.


De multe ori vei găsi ingredientele și detalii despre mâncare, chiar poti încerca să-l prepari singur.

  • Pizza
    • Pizza is a delicicous flat baked dough which is usually covered with tomato sauce and cheese as well as other topings.
  • Fast Food
    • Many restaurants serving fast food offer quick meals like burgers, fries, chicken wings or kebab.
  • Kebab & Shaorma
    • Die türkische Küche stellt eine Weiterentwicklung der ursprünglichen nomadischen Kochtradition nach. Trotzdem wurde der Döner in Berlin erfunden.
  • Romanian
  • Asiatisch
    • Because of the rich Asian culture, its cuisine offers a huge selection of very different dishes that appeal to almost every one, like chop suey or spring rolls.
  • Indisch
    • Indian cuisine is most famous for applying many tasty spices that make its dishes immediately recognizable and very popular around the world.
  • Cafe, Bars & Pubs
    • A nice cup of coffee to go along with a croissant is generally enjoyed all over the world. Of course there is much more, and pubs are also famous for their beers!
  • Bakeries
    • You can learn a lot about a countries eating culture just by their individual bakery food selection. You can buy bread, pastry and cake.
  • Order Food
    • Sometimes, we all enjoy the comfort of having food delivered to our place to enjoy a nice evening with delicious food along with friends or a movie.